We need to sharpen our pencils and there are a lot of ways to get the job done.

Our image of a crank operated wall mounted box is a great memory but in fact I don't like them.

They have grinding burrs in there that grind off a lot of wood and graphite. They make a lot of noise and you don't know when to stop. With softer lead pencils they just crumble them into dust. Not my favorite.

The electric pencil sharpeners are more of the same with the advantage that they don't have to be bolted down to a desk or wall. Not for me.

You can sharpen with a knife or razor. It's a nice contemplative way to get the job done and gives you a sense of pride when done well. That's nice.

My preference though is a simple sharpener like in the photo. Small, inexpensive, easy to carry and effective. They remove a very small amount of wood and shave the graphite to a nice point. Simple and effective. It makes me smile everytime.



  1. The funny thing is, I never see sharpeners like this anywhere. Where did you get yours?

  2. I find these at art supply stores and even sometimes at Office Depot and Staples. When you see a plastic box sharpener it usually has one of these inside.


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