Blackwing 602 Revival

If the world needs a Hipster pencil, this is it - the Blackwing 602.

It was a wonderful pencil that had a lot of acolytes extolling its virtues in its day.
It has a nice replaceable rectangular eraser, feels nice in the hand and is wonderful to write with.

The manufacurer, Eberhard Faber, was acquired by Faber-Castell and the pencil's production was ceased in the 90s. The Palomino Blackwing line was started anew in 2011 and now we have three beauties to choose from;

The Blackwing - very black and soft, a great art pencil,
The Blackwing 602 which is a great writing pencil with a sumptuous dark and soft lead,
The Blackwing Pearl which is in between the two.

The Palomino Blackwings cost about $20.00 a dozen. You will find them in fine art stores or online.